A first time for a lot of things

What a week! It’s pretty unbeliveable actually.

All starting last Tuesday when I had a calling! First, let me give you a little background history. I work as a nurse at a psychiatric hospital. I’ve always considered my work as one of the most meaningful jobs one can have. And I still do – in many ways. I feel humble being in a position to help pasients re-connect with their children after different types of crises. Besides – working at psychiatric ER gives me a lot of action and challenges both physically and mentally. And I both love and need it! I’m an idealistic person – pretty down to earth. I’ve often made fun of my live-in boyfriend, working his ass of in the superficial PR industry. Now it seems like I have to eat my words – and more.

Like I said, I had a calling. Last Tuesday I woke up feeling: This is the day! So after months of persuasion from my boyfriend and others that I know working with communications and PR, I sat down and wrote to a well known headhunter. Selling my self in as a top communicator due to my skills from a long career working with people in different settings and leading different kinds of projects. Feeling relieved by my decision, I continued calling and writing people that might contribute. (I’ve just started waiting for my efforts to start reaping, and the feeling is good!)

The same Tuesday, feeling on top of the world – I went to a closed party for policemen, firemen and others from different ER units. I met a lot of people that I’ve known for years, but haven’t seen in a long time. I had an absolutely fabulous time! Though everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I lost my mobile and my girlfriend disappeared with some guy.  But still I was singing and dancing until sunrise in a fishingboat! Arriving at home 08.00 in the morning. Jesus jones! Feeling and behaving like I was 19 year old.

Twitter… The last weeks I’ve been telling my boyfriend to get a life outside Twitter, Flickr and all that. Making jokes about him being a real geek. Right.. Yesterday an invitation jumped in to my mailbox using Twitter. To have more weight to my arguments, I signed in to have a closer look. Ups.. Now I find myself installing Adobe-things to keep up with the people I’m following. And I’ve written 15 Tweets! So much for me telling him…

A week ago, applying for jobs in another industry, partying until sunrise before going to work a few hours later, loosing my mobile and my friend, having a tiny quarrel with a prostitute, Twittering and now ending my first blogpost in English all seemed like utopia.

So pardon my English and Carpe Diem!


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