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3 Curly Hair Hacks for Back to School

Tis' the Season, and what I mean by that is, it is Back to School! This is a prime time for families, and for the busy moms out there. Let’s stop stress in its tracks by creating ideas that can not only help you prepare weekly, but help you keep your sanity too! Below are 3 Curly Hair Hacks for Back to School for you and the curly girl in your life and plus 3 bonus tips for mom for you and the kiddos can tackle together. Tackling all 3 will not only help you get organized but help you get out the door quickly.

Curly Hair Hacks for Back to School 

  1. The Mane Event
  2. Embrace Second Day Hair
  3. Tame Bed Head
  4. Bonus Tips for Mom


Curly Hair Hacks for Back to School:  The Mane Event

Curls are far more delicate than any other type of hair as we curly girls know. Tame and protect your curls at night by wearing a silk bonnet or a loose bun. Make sure hair is dry before.  Also add a silk or satin pillowcase to sleep on. This is extra protection from the cotton pillowcases that can cause frizz or breakage from the friction. 

Curly Hair Hacks for Back to School:  Embrace Second Day Hair

Just about everyone can get away with second day hair.   In a rush?  Wearing hair up is probably easiest but doesn’t have to be boring. A high ponytail with wispy hairs around the face to soften, a fun twist of the bangs pinned back, or a loose braid is cute and efficient. Add a fun barrette to finish the look.

Curly Hair Hacks for Back to School: Tame Bed Head

We all wake up with it, now what to do with it?

  • Moisturizer – Start by lightly misting the top of your hair, apply your favorite curl cream or curl spray all over your hair. Remember curls need more moisture then most so add your favorite leave-in conditioner as well.  Use the praying hands method to help distribute the products evenly through your hair.  You can also use your favorite wide tooth comb as well.  Now finger curl any flattened areas.
  • Diffuse - Use your favorite diffuser on the low heat setting with your AuBonacci™ Styler for lifting the roots and setting your curls in place. Viola!
  • Shake - out your hair by sliding your fingers around the base of your scalp and shake your hands a bit to help add a little fluff. You are ready to go! 

Curly Hair Hacks for Back to School: Bonus Tips for Mom

3 Bonus tips for Mom to stay organized and get out the door quickly!

Meal Prep:

Have them join in the fun to prep each meal the night before. Kids being involved creates a sense of independence and illustrates what fun being organized can be too.

Choosing Outfits:

Creating outfits for the week is a time saver and arguments to be avoided. Lay out 2 different outfits on Sunday to choose from. Giving the kiddos options to choose makes them feel important, independent, and helpful. Then neatly fold outfits and place into a hanging shoe shelves in their closet for a quick grab and go. You could even label the days of the week in each shelf. (PS: check the weekly weather too)

Store Essentials by the door

Add a separate coat hook for each child by the door to grab and go.  Having all your things by the door will help keep you organized.  Check out Pinterest for some super fun ideas that fit your family’s style. 

These simple hacks will be beneficial for all family members. Delegating and working as a team creates a positive flow for everyone. Always enjoy the fun things in life as a family as life can get so busy.

Stay tuned for tips for busy moms, more curly hair hacks, self-care and so much more!

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