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Welcome to The Curly Life and AuBonacci

Crafting Confidence in Every Curl with AuBonacci:

The AuBonacci Styler is the essential tool for anyone with curly hair! Thoughtfully designed for the ultimate ease, it replaces traditional brushes with a sleek, bristle-free body and precision pins to lift and sculpt curls from the roots without snagging or pulling. You’ll get quick, consistent results without heat damage, keeping your curls looking their best all day. Crafted with care in the USA from hair-friendly materials, the AuBonacci Styler is your shortcut to effortless, beautiful curls every time.

The Curly Life Company was built on the belief that every curl tells a story, a story of self-love and acceptance. We've curated a line of products designed to enhance, nourish, and celebrate your unique curls. From our lovely AuBonacci Styler to our luxurious shampoo, conditioner, and curl-defining creams to our humidity blocking high hold gel and final touch spray, our collection is a testament to the transformative power of embracing your natural beauty.

Join Me:

The Curly Life Company community is a haven for curl enthusiasts, a place where we celebrate individuality and empower each other to embrace our authentic selves.  Whether you're a fellow curl enthusiast or just starting to embrace your natural texture, I invite you to join us.

The Curly Life Company:

It all started with a twist of fate and a head full of curls. I was a woman navigating the world with strange frizzy hair that I worked hard to smooth out, not realizing the hidden treasure that was waiting to be revealed. Life took an unexpected turn when an accident left me unable to wield a blow dryer to go through my daily straightening routine.

Discovering the Beauty Within:

In the midst of this challenge, something remarkable happened—I discovered the incredible beauty of my natural curls. A whole new world unfolded before me, adorned with waves and spirals that echoed authenticity and uniqueness. It was a revelation that not only transformed my appearance but also sparked a profound shift in my perspective.

A Mission is Born:

As time passed, my appreciation for my curls deepened, while my frustration grew!  As a curly girl, you know that no 2 curly days are ever the same.  Beautiful curls were not something I could count on. Relocating to a beach town, I found that embracing my natural curls became not just a choice but a necessity and I needed reliable products to achieve consistently beautiful and lasting results.  I knew that every fellow curly head I encountered was on a quest for the same. I would have the same conversation with every curly girl I met; "What do you use, which is your favorite, how did you get it to look like that?".  And these were successful, learned women, accomplished in many ways.  But all stuck spending some amount of time distracted by concerns over humidity, definition, frizz.   We don't need this distraction!   We have too many things to do!  Fueled by this  acute awareness of the struggle to count on a consistent curly result, a mission took hold in my heart. The Curly Life Company emerged with a clear objective—to empower women to embrace the inherent beauty of their natural curls WITH CONFIDENCE. To spend as little time as possibly wondering what results would turn up each day. I would develop whatever was needed to make that happen.

Please read about our products, watch the videos, and give them a try.  The AuBonacci Styler is built to last, with a 10 year replacement warranty.  You will only buy it once.  The hair care line is carefully cultivated and tested daily on my Florida curls.  We will continue to develop solutions that work, so sign up for our newsletter, check out our blogs, and visit us here to stay in touch.  And please, share your story with us!

Most of all, Live Curly!


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