Increase Hair Health With Scalp Circulation! But How?

Increase Hair Health With Scalp Circulation!  But How? - curlylife

Scalp-Stimulating Exercises: Workouts Your Hair Will Love!

Get ready to unlock the secrets of scalp-stimulating exercises that will take your hair on a journey of growth and vitality. These fun and effective techniques boost blood flow to your scalp and provide an invigorating workout for your hair follicles. If your hair, skin and brain are all feeling a bit dull, you might need to get some blood circulating! You can do this by dancing, yoga, going for a bike ride, running or....with massage!  All of these are scalp-stimulating exercises.  Let's dive in and discover the incredible benefits of these exercises for your hair health! 

Woman with dark brown wet hair is massaging her scalp while looking in a mirror.  She is carefully massaging her scalp with her fingertips.

Embrace the Curl Girl Way: Boost Circulation Without Brushing! 

One way to boost circulation to your scalp is to massage your scalp.  Some people like to do this by brushing their hair, but as you know, bristles are generally a NO GO for curly hair.  Bristles can cause frizz and disrupt those gorgeous curls.  Rather than missing out on the benefits to your scalp, there is a solution that will detangle and boost circulation without compromising your beautiful locks. Get ready to embrace the magic of scalp stimulation without a brush in sight! 

Give your scalp the royal treatment with scalp massages! These blissful exercises are relaxing and super beneficial for your hair. You increase blood circulation by gently massaging your scalp, allowing vital nutrients to reach your hair follicles. This also brings an extra glow to your face.  There are several variations:

  • See if you can't get your sweetie to give you the massage.  It's like a spa day for your scalp and a rejuvenating party for your hair! 
  • Use your fingertips to gently massage your scalp.  A delightful scalp exercise alternative that doesn't involve brushing your hair. 
  • A wide-tooth comb can also provide a lovely scalp massage, as well as detangle your curls. 
  • This is a wonderful opportunity for a moisturizing treatment.  Use a conditioner or a scalp oil to create slip and allow your comb, your fingers (or your sweetie's) to easily slide across your scalp. 
  • To increase circulation, you can bend over at the waist to let the hair on top of your head hang down, which will give you easier access to massage your scalp on top in addition to naturally bringing circulation to your head.  Be careful of course, and only do it for a minute!  Ask your doctor first!
  • Opting for gentle techniques that not only detangle but also boost circulation benefit your scalp  tremendously and improve your hair health.
  • Don't forget to do a gentle rub to your temples.  It just feels so good!

Remember, the key is to carefully handle your curls to prevent unnecessary breakage and to be gentle to your scalp.  Let yourself relax and enjoy the sensation of scalp stimulation.   Discover the wonders of scalp stimulation without sacrificing your beautiful curls. Embrace the power of finger finesse and choose gentle techniques that detangle and boost circulation. Your curls will thank you for the love and care you give them.

But wait, there's more!


Incorporate Cardiovascular Exercise: 

Cardio Party: Rev Up Your Scalp's Blood Flow! 

Get ready to rock those fabulous curls and let your hair shine! Turn up the music and get your scalp dancing joyfully! Cardiovascular exercises are fantastic for improving overall blood circulation, including for your scalp. Put on your favorite workout gear and choose activities that make your heart race—dance to your favorite tunes, jump rope or even hula-hooping. Let your hair join the party and reap the benefits of increased blood flow for a healthier, happier scalp. Your face will glow as well! And you'll be smiling.

Beautiful woman with dark brown curly hair wearing black yoga pants and a black bandau top working on a backbend yoga pose.

Yoga for the Scalp: Strike a Pose, Nourish Your Roots! (also known as reason #2,341 to start doing yoga...)

Yes, you read it right—yoga isn't just for the body; it's for your scalp too! Certain yoga poses, like the downward-facing dog or the headstand, promote blood flow to the scalp, nourishing your hair from within. Not only will you achieve inner peace, but you'll also strengthen your hair roots and invite a flow of positive energy to your locks. It's that inversion thing....but ask your doctor first!

Beautiful woman with blond curly hair riding a bicycle and smiling!  wearing jeans and a t-shirt, out for a casual, fun ride on a sunny day with trees behind her.

Outdoor Adventures: Take Your Hair on an Active Journey! 

Why confine your workouts indoors when you can take your hair outdoors? I went for a long bike ride on Sunday- 25 miles- and couldn't believe how my face was glowing for hours after.  This is a clue- if your face is glowing from exercise- so is your scalp!!    Engaging in activities like running, cycling, or swimming elevates your heart rate and boosts blood flow to your scalp. Enjoy the fresh air, soak up some vitamin D, and let your hair revel in the invigorating sensation of increased circulation. It's exercise and exploration, all while promoting healthy hair! 


By embracing scalp-stimulating exercises of all kinds and incorporating cardiovascular workouts into your routine, you're taking your hair health to new heights and enjoying a fun and energizing journey. Get moving, make your scalp and hair smile, and unlock the true potential of your glorious curls! Stay tuned for the next section, where we'll share the secrets to protecting and nourishing your hair with natural oils. Get ready for some fabulous hair-loving tips!

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