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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it electric?


A: The AuBonacci styler is not electric, so there is no electrical tool heat damage that you might get with curling irons or flat irons.  The AuBonacci works as a styling tool when blow drying/diffusing damp or wet hair.  It is similar to how you would use a round brush, but there are no bristles so no frizz.


Q: What is “spot styling?”

A:  Because of the AuBonacci’s unique design, you can slide the pins into different areas or “spots” such as at the roots, along your hairline, random tendrils, the full length, or any particular “spot” in your hair.  Hair should be wet/damp with styling gel. Twist the styler a quarter turn or more, depending on desired results. Blow dry, then slide the styler out.  Move on to the next spot!


Q: What kind of hair does the AuBonacci styler work with?

A: The AuBonacci styler works with all hair that could use some spot styling but is specifically designed for curly and wavy hair.  Any hair that frizzes or loses shape if a brush runs through it can benefit from the AuBonacci styler.  Just make sure your hair is damp, with styling gel, and spot style starting at the crown and around the face to create lift and volume.


Q: What are the Pins made of?

A: The Pins are made of a proprietary blend of resins to create the rigidity that is required to style your hair and also the smooth surface to make sure there is no snagging. We tried many different materials and worked with resin specialists from multiple industries before arriving at the perfect solution!  The Pins are firm, smooth, and will not break if accidentally dropped onto tile floor.


Q: Can you use it with hair gels, sprays, oils?

 A: Yes, and we recommend that you use a strong hold styling gel, whatever your favorite is!  This will give you the best results in the least amount of time.  If the gel leaves a “cast” or is crunchy once it is dry, simply scrunch the area a few times to soften it up.


Q: How do I clean the AuBonacci styler?

A: The Pins can be cleaned by running under warm/hot water from the faucet or swishing in a soap and water solution. The handle can be cleaned by wiping with a wet cloth. Leave out to air dry. It should not be submerged or run through a dishwasher.