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About Us

beautiful picture of a sea shell on the sand with an overlay of the fibonacci sequence spiral.  This shows how the AuBonacci Styler got its  name.

We are Curly Life Company, a small and motivated company passionate about YOU, living your best life.  We specialize in unique and exceptional solutions to help you feel more confident and make your mark in the world. Established in Saint Augustine, Florida in 2019, we have big dreams. We believe in creating and finding products that enable you to highlight your greatest features and live out loud!

Our AuBonacci Line of products celebrates Curls.  Our passion for Curly Hair means that we provide our customers with nothing but the highest quality products that are guaranteed to meet your needs and keep you satisfied! We strive to be industrious and innovative, offering our customers solutions to any issues that keep you from completely embracing your fabulous curly hair!

Picture of the complete line of AuBonacci products, with the AuBonacci Styler, AuBonacci Shampoo, Conditioner, and 4 AuBonacci styling steps

How it began:

A car accident.  

My curly journey began with a car accident that left me too injured to blow dry my hair straight, as I had been doing every day, for years.  When I just let my hair dry and went out, people complimented me on my new curly hair perm all day long!  I didn’t even know I had curly hair, I just thought it was a frizzy, wavy mess!  Many years and turns and twists (and sooo many product purchases) later, I was still not able to rely on how my curls would turn out.  I couldn’t find a solution that worked quickly and specifically to style my roots and direct my curls, and finger combing, clipping, air drying simply took up too much time, with inconsistent results.

I decided to make a curly hair styling tool to do what I needed. 

I thought that other curly heads might find it useful as well.

With a commitment to have all work done entirely in America, the first 2+ years were spent researching, designing, studying, manufacturing, and then redesigning.  The result: the AuBonacci Styler.  The input I received from the community of designers, engineers, material and marketing experts throughout the U.S. filled me with a new level of respect and admiration for the talent and generosity that is here in America. 

Curly Life Company has created a curly hair styling tool unlike any other; a deceptively simple design made to be lightweight and strong, with a level of quality we are proud to stand behind, made in the U.S.A.


Why AuBonacci?

Fibonacci Swirl

The AuBonacci Styler’s name was inspired by Fibonacci’s spiral, a numerically-perfect spiral found in nature (seashells and ferns, for example).  Fibonacci is the mathematician who arrived at the equation that is reflected in every natural spiral.   Clearly visible in the Nautilus shell graphic here, once you see it, you will start noticing it all around you!

Embrace and accentuate the beauty of your natural curls; your lovely spirals!  Create your confidence and go out and make your mark on the world!

A graphic slide showing the Curly Life Company's AuBonacci Styler measurements and describes engineering and resin blends to arrive at finished non-metal product. A styler that works with curly hair. Style with gel and a blow dryer for lift and style that

The AuBonacci Styler’s proprietary design features a sleek, solid yet lightweight body, comfortable handle, and  twelve smooth, sturdy pins that allow you to lift at the root and direct your curls to frame your face.  Make clipping, pinning, hot irons and finger-styling a thing of the past. The AuBonacci Styler allows you to spot-style wet hair in a fraction of the time. Simply grab a few strands at the root, slight twist and lift and diffuse. Slide the styler out, and repeat.

Scrunch your remaining curls with a diffuser or air dry and voila! A perfect, consistent look each time, guaranteed.

This is a picture of the AuBonacci Logo with the Curly Life Company logo.  AuBonacci is in black font, and the Aubonacci Logo is shown as a swirl in gold, representing a spiral.  The curly life company logo is also shown in gold and in smaller print, with the curly life company icon above it, also in gold.


Another name for Fibonacci’s spiral is the “golden spiral” because it is viewed as perfection.  The name captures the essence of what the product stands for beyond its functional purpose to style curly hair.  The prefix “Au” is the name for gold in the periodic table. Gold, being a symbol of high value, the “gold standard”, echoes our belief in personal achievement, to maximize your talents and make your mark.


Signature line with AuBonacci and curly life logos and the tag line to celebrate your curls.  Signed by Lisa.