About Us

Welcome to The Curly Life and AuBonacci - Embrace Your Natural Beauty with Lisa Kelly

About Me:

I'm Lisa Kelly, the founder and heart behind The Curly Life Company. Let me take you on a journey through curls, confidence, and self-discovery.

The Genesis of The Curly Life:

It all started with a twist of fate and a head full of curls. Before The Curly Life, I was a woman navigating the world with strange frizzy hair that I worked hard to smooth out, not realizing the hidden treasure that was waiting to be revealed. Life took an unexpected turn when an accident left me unable to wield a blow dryer to go through my daily straightening routine.

Discovering the Beauty Within:

In the midst of this challenge, something remarkable happened—I discovered the incredible beauty of my natural curls. A whole new world unfolded before me, adorned with waves and spirals that echoed authenticity and uniqueness. It was a revelation that not only transformed my appearance but also sparked a profound shift in my perspective.

A Mission is Born:

As time passed, my appreciation for my curls deepened. Relocating to a beach town, I found that embracing my natural curls became not just a choice but a necessity for navigating each day. However, these curls proved to be quite independent, each with a unique personality. It became clear that I needed reliable products to achieve consistently beautiful and lasting results. Simultaneously, I noticed that every fellow curly head I encountered was on a quest for the same. Fueled by this newfound admiration for curls and an acute awareness of their unpredictable nature, a mission took hold in my heart. The Curly Life Company emerged with a clear objective—to empower women to embrace the inherent beauty of their natural curls. Recognizing that confidence blossoms from being at ease in one's own skin, I was resolute in my commitment to sharing this empowering journey with others.

Crafting Confidence in Every Curl with AuBonacci:

The Curly Life Company was built on the belief that every curl tells a story, a story of self-love and acceptance. We've curated a line of products designed to enhance, nourish, and celebrate your unique curls. From our lovely AuBonacci Styler to our luxurious shampoo, conditioner, and curl-defining creams to our humidity blocking high hold gel, our collection is a testament to the transformative power of embracing your natural beauty.

Join Me:

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and confidence-building? The Curly Life Company community is a haven for curl enthusiasts, a place where we celebrate individuality and empower each other to embrace our authentic selves.  Whether you're a fellow curl enthusiast or just starting to embrace your natural texture, I invite you to join us.

Signature line with AuBonacci and curly life logos and the tag line to celebrate your curls.  Signed by Lisa.