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3 Curly Hair Hacks for Back to School

Tis' the Season, and what I mean by that is, it is Back to School! This is a prime time for families, and for the busy moms out there. Let’s stop stress in its tracks by creating ideas that can not only help you prepare weekly, but help you keep your sanity too! Below are 3 Curly Hair Hacks for Back to School for you and the curly girl in your life and plus 3 bonus tips for mom for you and the kiddos can tackle together. Tackling all 3 will not only help you get organized but help you get out the door quickly. Curly Hair Hacks for Back to School  The Mane Event Embrace Second Day Hair Tame...

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Why the AuBonacci Styler?

Flat on top, wide to the sides, and no easy way to fix it!  That’s why!It takes time to clip and air dry, and the results aren’t always great from clipping (but you don’t know that until it’s too late).  It also takes too much time to wait until it’s all dry and then use a curling iron to spot style, and you don’t want the damage of a hot iron!If your hair is straight, you can use a round brush at the roots and create lift and direction.  But with curly hair, what do you do when you need to do something about your roots which are lying flat or going in bizarre directions?Regular brushes are ideal for straight...

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Work Smarter, Not Harder for Happy Curly Hair: Article #1 Gel

The Single Most Important Product for Curly Hair Styling: Gel.  Yes, I said Gel.  Your curls might need a little extra love, but so do all the best things worth having in life! Cute, curly hairstyles are beautiful, unique, and 100% worth the special attention they require to maintain. But special attention does not mean more time!  Work smarter, not harder!  As with so many things in life, spend a little time in research, and then focus on what works most effeciently.  Gel can help you achieve fabulous looks in a lot less time. This blog is about figuring out the right amount of gel to deliver curls you can love. A little Research: Gel!!! Buy some gel.  Make sure...

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Curly Hair and the Age of Acceptance

It can be a tough journey to embrace your curls, to accept yourself.  If we grow up around any media at all, we have expectations that we should look a certain way.  But there has never been a better time to embrace what makes you unique- because it is what makes you uniquely beautiful!  Not being the same- but being fully you!

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