Display of AuBonacci Curly Hair Products
Display of AuBonacci Curly Hair Products

Unique Design

LIFT AND DIRECT YOUR ROOTS: Style your roots while maintaining the natural shape of your curls.

The lightweight, non-metal AuBonacci Styler is designed to direct and lift your curls from the roots, leaving the rest of your curls untouched.

TWELVE SMOOTH PINS: Our pins slide easily in and out of your curls. The circular design allows you to create lift at the roots and shape your curls while drying with a blow dryer.

The AuBonacci Styler

CONSISTENT RESULTS: Create lift and volume in less time than finger styling, clipping, or air-drying, with results you can count on.

NO-FRIZZ STYLING: Our pins are smooth, firm, and set in a circular pattern to provide styling options similar to a round brush without­ bristles that snag.

AuBonacci Hair Care Flyer explaining the hair care products


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