3 Reasons to Love your Curly Hair!!

3 Reasons to Love your Curly Hair!! - curlylife

Whoever said blondes have more fun hasn’t spent enough time with a curly girl. It’s a proven fact that curls bring a unique brand of pizzazz! They always stand out in a crowd, they create the perfect frame for every face, and the luxurious vitality they exude is enough to melt any heart. Consider your lovely spiraled hair all the membership dues you need to join our secret elite club of women, each with curls as singular and extraordinary as a snowflake.

There’s an unending list of reasons to love what’s on top of your head, so many that it was hard to narrow them down. But you know what? We love our hair so much we did it anyway. Without further ado, here are the top 3 reasons to love your curly hair!

3.  Curls work for any length or style!

Most hairstyle options are limited depending on length. Pigtails, ponytails, and buns all require long hair. Bobs and pixie cuts only work for short hair. Short ponytail? Probably not going to work! Long bangs? Weird choice! The bottom line is: most women need to pick a side, long or short, and that’s assuming they can pull off both (bless their hearts, those who can).

Having curls means your hair will look great whether it’s lengthy, trimmed, or anywhere in-between. Plus, any of the styling options at your fingertips are sure to turn heads with your distinct locks. Rocking a curly head means you can skip the agony of month’s-long commitments to styles and lengths every time you get a haircut. Rest easy (on a silk pillow) knowing that your curls will crush it no matter how you choose to wear your hair!

2. Curls save time and money!

As someone with curls, your blessing is not having to waste your time or money on flat irons or straighteners. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, flat irons are the enemy of curls! While others spend hundreds of dollars and waste hours of their lives straightening their hair artificially, we don’t need to worry about that!

We springy-haired elite don’t need to buy bulky, expensive tools to maintain our look. Not only are those products expensive, but they also take up counter space, they burn, and oh boy do they eat up the day. Lucky us, we can skip the gadgets and gizmos altogether!

Our curly hair might seem finicky, but it’s just misunderstood. All it takes is the right shampoo, conditioners, maybe a blow-dryer if the air isn’t fast enough for you, and one quality brush to protect the natural oils and maintain the volume and bounce. A specialty tool like the AuBonacci Styler, for example, is all you need to put hours back in your day while saving a little extra cash!

1. Curls are beautiful and unique!

Unless you wear a hat, your curls, regardless of length or color, will always stand out in a crowd. Most people will never have curls without expensive, chemically-modified perms. Our heads are like fingerprints, and no two curly girls are exactly alike.

So wear your curls with pride because you’re extremely lucky to have hair as springy and vibrant as you are! Never straighten, never conform, and keep that bouncy head held high because dang you look good, girl!

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