Embrace The Curl: Learn How to Celebrate Your Unique Locks

Embrace The Curl: Learn How to Celebrate Your Unique Locks - curlylife

Having curly hair is like being part of an exclusive club. There's beauty, uniqueness, and a touch of wildness in every twist and turn of those curls. Certain things are understood; for instance, if a stranger with curly hair asks what products you use on your curly hair, you are definitely going to tell her.  If a stranger with straight hair says they have a daughter with curly hair and don't know what to do, you are going to give her as much information as you can!  This is all done in the spirit of "we're in this together, and if anyone figures it out, please tell all of us!!". 

First:  Denial. 

Curly Hair Problems showing a curly haird woman with scissors, flat iron, brush getting stuck in hair

For years, many of us have tried to fit into a mold, straightening and styling their hair to look "normal".  Irons (yes actual irons before flat irons existed), juice cans (look that one up), chemicals, blow drying and pulling, stretching...and chemicals, permanents, relaxers.  Leaving the question, what is normal? But more than that: Who decided this, and when?  Because none of this is normal.  We say forget all of that.  Dismiss it as ridiculous, because it is.   Embracing your unique curl type, that's what needs to be your new normal.  You decide, for yourself, what is YOUR normal.  And so much empowerment will come from that.  It is about you, stepping into yourself.  So, Embrace the Curl, and let this guide help you every step of the way.

Introducing AuBonacci’s Curly Series: A Celebration of Natural Beauty

We love this series. Why?  Because this blog is the first step of an amazing journey we're about to take with you. It's all about celebrating and understanding the magic of curly hair. No matter where you are on your curly hair adventure, whether you're a veteran or a newbie, we've got some treats lined up for you. Here's a glimpse of what's coming up:

  • The Basics of Second-Day Curly Hair: Keeping those curls fresh and lovely a day after styling? We'll share the secrets.
  • The Art of Hair Plopping: Unfold the magic of this technique to get stunning curls with a simple guide.
  • Embracing Gray Curly Hair: Embrace your natural elegance by letting those silver curls shine.
  • Cutting and Styling Curly Hair: Dive into the best haircuts and styles that make your curls pop.
  • Everyday Curly Hairstyles: On-the-go looks that are both quick and fabulous.
  • Special Occasion Looks: Making your curls look extra special for those big moments.
  • Color and Volume: Add a splash of color and fullness, all while keeping those curls healthy.

    So, hold onto your seats! Every blog post in this series is crafted to equip you with the tips and tricks to fully embrace your curls with pride and joy. 

    My Curly Locks Journey

    I started out with straight hair, but puberty announced other plans, and the arrival of this strange new texture hair at age 12 made no sense to me.  I wore a handkerchief for a year!  I longed for my straight hair back, but worse than that, I felt flawed, at my core.  To me, it seemed that something had gone wrong with my hair- why couldn't it be fixed?  What was wrong with me?  This was reinforced by people around me with questions like, "can't you do anything with that?".  It was devastating and deeply impacted my sense of self. 

    Then, a surprise in my 20s made me realize the beauty of my natural curls. People loved it! It was completely eye-opening, to go from the girl who felt defective to the girl that people said "I wish I had your hair!!" to.  It was a wake-up call to love and embrace my curls.  But of course, as anyone with curls knows, it wasn't that simple.....I had so much to learn.

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    What Does "Embrace The Curl" Mean?

    To "Embrace Your Curls" is more than just a phrase about hair; it's an invitation to self-acceptance and to a celebration of your own uniqueness.  This is an evolution.

    At its core, it means appreciating the natural beauty of your curly hair without feeling the need to conform to societal standards of "normal" hair.  It's about learning to stop comparing yourself to others in any way. 

    Imagine stepping away from the flat irons, chemical treatments, and embracing the spirals, waves, and coils that naturally spring from your scalp.  Be fascinated! 

    This is a call to break free from artificial standards and to find pride in the individuality your hair represents.

    Why Should I Embrace the Curl?

    • Authenticity: Your natural curls are a representation of your unique genetic makeup. Embracing them means staying true to who you are.
    • Healthier Hair: Over-styling, straightening, or chemically treating your hair can lead to damage over time. By letting your hair live its curly life, you're avoiding unnecessary harm and promoting healthier locks.
    • Saves Time: Think about the hours spent straightening or styling. Letting your hair curl naturally can free up so much of your time!
    • Confidence Boost: There’s something empowering about rocking your natural look. People are drawn to authenticity, and your natural hair can boost your confidence in ways you never imagined.

    Beautiful African American woman with curly hair looking at reflection in a window

      How Do I Embrace My Curls?

      • Educate Yourself: Learn about your specific curl type. Is it wavy, curly, or coily? Knowing this helps in finding the right products and care routines. Dive into platforms like AuBonacci to find products tailored for your curls.
      • Invest in Quality Products: Ensure you’re using the right products for your hair. Look for those which enhance and define natural curls, such as AuBonacci’s Leave-In Cream and High Hold Gel.
      • Develop a Hair Routine: Establish a regular washing, conditioning, and moisturizing routine. Remember, curly hair often needs more moisture, so invest in hydrating products that lock in the natural oils.
      • Seek Inspiration: Follow curly hair influencers or join online communities dedicated to natural hair. Their journeys can provide guidance, encouragement, and tips to navigate your own.
      • Experiment: Have fun with your hair! Try different styles, accessories, and products. Over time, you'll figure out what works best for you and what you love most about your curls.
      • Accept the Compliments: When people admire your natural hair, believe them! They're seeing the beauty in your authenticity.
      • Seek Professional Advice: Consider getting a haircut from a stylist specialized in curly hair. The right cut can elevate your natural curl pattern and make maintenance easier.

        By truly accepting and celebrating your curly hair, you’re not just making a statement about beauty; you're expressing a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself. The path to embracing your textured hair is not just about hair, but also about personal growth, confidence, and authenticity.

        Blonde cruly haired woman glazing to the side with head down

        Understanding Curly Hair

        Embracing your curls begins with understanding them. Curly hair, much like the individuals who sport it, is unique and diverse. Here’s a brief insight into the different types of curls and how to identify yours:

        • Natural Hair Texture: Everyone's hair is different. Some have tight curls, while others have wavy hair. It’s important to understand your hair's natural texture to provide the best care.
        • Natural Oils: Wavy and Curly hair types often struggle with dryness because oils from the scalp find it harder to travel down the hair shaft. Using products that boost moisture can help.
        • Fine or Thick Hair: This refers to the density of your hair strands. Fine hair has thinner strands while thick hair has wider strands. It's essential to know this as fine hair can get weighed down with heavy products, while thick hair might need richer formulations to stay nourished.

          With a clearer picture of your hair type, you can better decide on products and styling techniques. Remember, every curl has its charm; it’s all about learning to work with it!

          Sunflower and the AuBonacci Hair Care Products

          AuBonacci Essentials To Set Your Curls Free

          Have curly or wavy hair? AuBonacci gets it. We've made special products just for you! Think of your hair as a gift, and our products as tools to make it shine even more. Our goal? To help you feel great about your hair. No more worries about frizz or tangled curls.

          Dive in and explore some of our cherished products from our hair care collection. We honor the enduring allure of your curls. Join us in celebrating the exclusive beauty of your unique locks. It's time to shine.

          Leave-In Cream

          • Purpose: Moisturizes on the go, Enhances and defines your natural curl pattern.
          • Key Ingredients: Jojoba Oil and Sunflower Seed Extract for deep hydration.
          • When to Use: On very wet, damp or dry hair. Perfect after a shower.

            Curl Serum:

            • Purpose: Controls frizzy hair and adds shine.
            • Key Ingredients: Red Algae, ProVitamin B5, and Keratin.
            • When to Use: On very wet hair, right after the Leave-in Cream to lock in that moisture, or on damp or dry hair.  Before you style or even when letting your hair dry naturally.

              High Hold Gel

              • Purpose: Perfect for holding tight curls in place and resisting humidity.
              • Key Ingredients: Mica, known for shine.
              • When to Use: After using the Leave-In Cream and Serum and before you style, distribute through hair for long-lasting definition.  See Scrunch Out the Crunch below!

                Styling Curly Hair: Tips and Tricks

                • Drying Your Hair: Avoid vigorously rubbing your hair with a towel. Instead, use a microfiber towel or a cotton T-shirt to scrunch and squeeze out water. This method reduces frizz.
                • Using a Hair Dryer: If you're using a blow dryer, always use a diffuser attachment. It disperses the airflow and reduces direct heat, preventing frizz.
                • Wet Hair Styling: When your hair is wet, it's the best time to apply products. Your hair curly nature can be enhanced when styled on damp strands.
                • Scrunch Out the Crunch: After using the High Hold Gel, you might feel a ‘crunch’ in your curls once dried. Lightly scrunch your hair with your hands or a soft cloth to release the tight hold and let your curls bounce naturally.
                • Day After Refresh: Spritz your hair with a spray bottle with water or a leave-in conditioner to revive your curls. This will refresh your hair and give it a new lease of life.  If a serious refresh is needed, completely wet any curls that have lost their pattern or have frizzed out; brush through them with a denman or paddle brush, then gently shake and squeeze to get your curl shape back.  Let air dry.  Do this to the trouble spots around your head and you will be amazed at how good day 2 or 3 or 4 can look!
                • Avoid washing without moisture: Over washing your curly locks can lead to dry brittle hair. However when you do wash your hair make sure you are using hydrating conditioner and shampoo.

                  Fighting Humidity and Frizz

                  Humidity can be a curly-haired individual's worst enemy. It leads to frizz and can disrupt your curl pattern. Using products like AuBonacci's Leave-in Cream and Curl Serum can help lock in moisture and create a barrier against external elements.  Follow that up with our AuBonacci High Hold Gel and add our AuBonacci Finishing Touch Spray and you will have serious defense against humidity.  Take it from a curly girl in Florida!


                  Remember, every curl is unique. Whether you have tight curls, wavy hair, or something in between, the key is to understand and love your natural hair texture. The journey to fully Embrace Your Curls might be filled with trials and errors, but with the right guidance and products, you're set to rock those curls with confidence.

                  Your hair is a statement. Embrace it. Celebrate it. Let the world see the natural beauty that is uniquely you. So tell us, how do you style your curly hair? Share your tips, tricks, and curly stories!


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