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Why the AuBonacci Styler? - curlylife

Why the AuBonacci Styler?

What sets the AuBonnaci Styler apart? To prevent pulling and frizzing your curls, the AuBonacci Styler uses twelve unique, smooth “pins”, rather than thin, traditional bristles, to style and protect your curls. Instead of simply pulling, the AuBonnaci styler groups your curls directly from the root, so you can lift, direct and create volume—every time! 
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What is the best thing to do for my curly hair? - curlylife

What is the best thing to do for my curly hair?

People talk about the curly hair journey, and that it took their hair so long to finally respond, but I think it’s more about how long it takes to figure out what you need to do, and then, what you are willing to do, to get better results.
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