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Work Smarter, Not Harder for Happy Curly Hair: Article #1 Gel

The Single Most Important Product for Curly Hair Styling: Gel.  Yes, I said Gel.  Your curls might need a little extra love, but so do all the best things worth having in life! Cute, curly hairstyles are beautiful, unique, and 100% worth the special attention they require to maintain. But special attention does not mean more time!  Work smarter, not harder!  As with so many things in life, spend a little time in research, and then focus on what works most effeciently.  Gel can help you achieve fabulous looks in a lot less time. This blog is about figuring out the right amount of gel to deliver curls you can love. A little Research: Gel!!! Buy some gel.  Make sure...

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Curly Hair and the Age of Acceptance

It can be a tough journey to embrace your curls, to accept yourself.  If we grow up around any media at all, we have expectations that we should look a certain way.  But there has never been a better time to embrace what makes you unique- because it is what makes you uniquely beautiful!  Not being the same- but being fully you!

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